I’ve learnt the importance of establishing a strong creative idea: one that will work across all mediums, before even considering the execution: The importance of not jumping ahead and losing the original idea. I’ve also learnt that your role within an agency doesn’t necessarily limit what you can do or what you can contribute to a project. I orginally thought you were confined to your title within an agency and that you could rarely walk outside your role, but I’ve learnt that although a copywriter may be responsible for the textual content and an art director may be responsible for the visual prospects, an idea can come from anywhere. The art director may come up with the headline or other copy, and the copywriter may suggest a visual approach, and the two can work together to enhance both aspects. Learning this had made me feel much more relaxed and confident about deciding on where I want to fit in within an agency, because I now know I won’t necessarily be confined to only taking part in that one aspect of things.


Product Photoshoot Set-up.


When shooting stock images of products, we used a translucent table top with strong light from underneath, controlled by the umbrella, and strong light from above, controlled by the softbox. This use of highkey lighting created a cut out effect in the image with no shadow. Reducing the lighting to lowkey would allow the product to cast shadows and would therefore, create a more realistic effect in the final image.

Placement Photography Workshop.


As part of the University placement, we were given an induction into Photography. Camera’s, lighting and equipment were made available to us in a 2 hour session with a photography lecturer, in which we were given the opportunity to learn about and use the studio’s and camera’s in context with product, commercial and fashion imagery.