Ambient Concept 3.

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To stick physical ¬†doors on walls around the University, in or outside, that resemble the children’s doors used in the film. The student can then open the door, and find behind it a Monsters, University character stuck inside with the name of the film and the date of release. We also had the idea of placing a distorting mirror behind the door, to turn the student’s reflection into a new type of ‘monster’ and then inviting them to enrol in Monsters, University to make the idea even more interactive.


Experiential Branding.

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Our next brief was simply to create an experiential branding campaign for a brand, or in our case, a film of a our choice and create three ambient concepts that would be effective in one particular place. We chose Monster’s University, and University as our place of advertising. We chose this film because it is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2013 and the iconic characters and objects are easily recognised worldwide which makes it perfect for ambient advertising. Apart from the obvious connection, we chose to place our advertising in a University because the age group currently attending University (us) were the target audience for Monsters, Inc; Monsters’ University, the sequel, is therefore perfectly timed.