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For our ambient, we wanted to send gold street performers out onto the streets of Johannesburg during the weeks before our store opening to raise awareness of Ted’s arrival. We also wanted to open our store on a Sunday in March to continue the link. The scratch card in the image above is an example of those that we’d be giving to each person who attended the opening. By scratching away the ‘dirt’ and matching all three images, they would have the chance to win a discount or an item.


Shop Window Display.

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We chose to keep the signature Ted Baker completely clear window display and accessorise it with gold-effect mannequins.

Novelty Items.

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We designed two novelty items that can be bought in this store and only this store alone. They are to continue the theme and add a sense of rarity to the shop. We decided on designing a limited edition gold magnifying glass and a small book called ‘One Sunday in March’ that would have text and images relating to Jo’berg, the Gold Rush and Ted Baker.

Floor Plan 3.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 15.30.06

We’d like to use mining lamps like these as a form of lighting for the shop. These are represented by the small semi-circles placed on the walls and would be hanging from a metal rod attached to the wall. The second image shows the opening doors, where we’ve decided we’d like to make the door handles into gold bars to give a feel of luxury and a hint of the theme.

Floor Plan 2.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 15.26.17

Here, the pulley holding the wooden surface is a representation of the three squares in the centre of the floor plan. Pulley’s such as this would be used as tables, hanging from the ceiling in the same manner as the one shown in the image. The arms chairs are represented by the two small circles at the top of the floor plan either side of the till.

Floor Plan 1.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 15.23.28


We designed the layout of the shop floor and used symbols to represent the images beside the floor plan. Here, the gold wall is a representation of how the walls on the right, left and front of the shop would look. The dirt wall is how we’d like the back of the shop to look behind the till, as a feature wall.