How did the showing of my film go?

Apart from the slight mishap at the beginning with the format of my film (rescued swiftly during the fire alarm by Phil), I think the showing went well overall. I was pleased with the feedback from G-man and SKing, aswell as the reaction of the class. After knowing almost immediately what direction I wanted to take with my film, I went straight into filming using a friends camcorder. After 3 days worth of recording, my friend then broke to me that he had lost the lead that connected the camera to a comp, thus meaning I had lost all my footage.

Therefore, it was a straight sprint to the finish, gathering all the clips that I could find from friends, family, my phone and laptop. I edited these together in my ancient mac’s version of iMovie and added a song that I thought was relevant to what my film was saying about me. Although I had to scramble and grab for footage, I was actually really pleased with the turn-out and think I was pretty lucky with what I found in such a short space of time.

Next time though, I would prefer the film to be of a better quality (my phones camera quality is pretty shocking) and would of loved to have been able to travel home to film my family and my hometown, which I could not do due to time restriction.

Excluding these factors, I’m pretty proud of the outcome and was really happy to show it in class.


Personally, I see myself as more of a picture person but I do not doubt the power of film for one second.

My Film.

Two chapters?

  • Me through your eyes
  • Me through my eyes

Things to include within film that are important to me:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Puppy
  • Travelling
  • University
  • Social life

First half – A sequence of clips of people I know, saying one word that they think describes me.

Second half – A collage of videos including clips of the bullet points above overlayed with a song.

Make a two minute short film about yourself!

For our next brief this semester, we have been asked to go out and create a 2 minute film based on ourselves to give others an idea of who we are and what we like. The archetypes we originally chose will be the inspiration for the content of the film, however the options are unlimited.

As soon as we were given the task, I thought back to the short film that I made in my interview and the first ever brief that our class were asked to present.

For our presentation in my interview, we were asked to make a film based on the word creativity, so we chose to take a camera around campus and ask random students what the word creativity meant to them. We filmed their answers and added a song to set the scene. I am going to use this short film as my inspiration.